Employee Benefits

Take Care Of Your Employees, They Will Take Care Of The Clients
Why Employee Benefits ?

When people are your most valuable assets, rewarding them with a comprehensive and competitive benefits package will help attract and retain the key talent an organisation needs to succeed. Employers must be able to meet their employees’ benefit needs without incurring unsustainable and unrealistically excessive costs. Hence, it is essential for an Employee Benefits program to be well-planned, properly controlled, efficient, cost-effective, and individually tailored to the needs of any business.


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Raghnall Edge

Every member of our benefits practice is well-seasoned, possessing in-depth knowledge of the benefits insurance industry and years of experience to help manage employee benefits programs effectively and efficiently. Our Employee Benefits Practice adds value to a company's employee benefits insurance program throughout the value chain and provides consistently outstanding service year after year.


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Customized Solutions

We work with clients to design employee benefits strategies that work in today's markets. Our team of experts work with the clients to understand specific corporate needs and draws components from multiple insurers to design a plan that meets employees’ needs while staying in line with a company’s strategy, budget, and market practice. We recommend tailored strategies that address the unique challenges facing our clients.


Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance is one of the key employee benefits Employers offer to their employees by putting in place a Group Health Insurance Policy. The primary objective of the plan is to support the employee financially for health related expenses. Group Health policies usually provides coverage for hospitalization, COVID care, maternity benefits, pre & post hospitalization expenses etc.


Group Term Life Insurance

A Group Term Insurance plan policy provides financial security to the beneficiaries of the employee in the event of his/her death.


Group Personal Accident

The uncertainty of life is what makes us anticipate the aspects of financial security for the family. Accidents can do irrecoverable damage to ones body and may leave person disabled forever impacting livelihood. However, with the right kind of insurance, the aspect of financial security for the family may be taken care of. Group Personal Accident Insurance, is a group insurance policy that provides benefits in the event of disability or death due to accident. The policy can be customized against hoard of other coverages like benefit for temporary disability or cremation expenses


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