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What is Group Health Insurance ?

Group Health Insurance is an umbrella policy offered to a group of Individuals. It is a type of health insurance plan mostly purchased by organizations, small and large, to meet the medical needs of their employees and their family. The policy covers indemnification of medical expenses incurred by the insured during hospitalization due to any illness or injury suffered in India. Further, this policy also covers all your pre-existing diseases from day 1 without any waiting period. Organizations can either select a pre-designed plan or can customize the policy as per their requirements. Unlike individual health insurance plans, Group Health Insurance is an affordable option plus, employers are also eligible for tax deductions for the premium paid for this policy.

Importance of Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance has today graduated from being a tool for attracting talent to becoming one of the most vital arms of an employer's retention philosophy.
Security & Loyalty

The sense of security that a GHI brings to an employee is unparalleled. If anything, Covid has only increased this sense of security. With medical inflation rising at around 20% per annum and the employer’s inability to provide employees with commensurate hike in salaries, employee health insurance has become one of the most valuable tools in the employer’s arsenal. This aspect of security in turn breeds loyalty in the employee.

Attraction & Retention

Even as job markets shrink, the hunt for cream talent has intensified. There's a limit to the amount of salary an employer is willing to pay, even for the right talent. It is in situations like these a good health insurance for employees can help you seal the deal. In the same vein, GHI is also an extremely important retention tool. Smart Employers incorporate a higher (than market standard) Sum Insured along with a top up policy for the right employees. GHI policies can also be tailor made to incorporate coverage of pre-existing diseases from day 1,(which is not possible for personal policies as it has a waiting period), annual health checks for employees and family members. Perks like these make the smart employee think a thousand times before they switch.

Advantages of Group Health Insurance

The policy covers benefits for the employee and their family

Low-Cost Premiums

Since a group health insurance policy is spread over a group of people, the premium for the same is a lot cheaper than other health policies.

Tax Benefits

According to the Income Tax Department of India, companies offering their employees with a corporate health insurance can avail tax deductions and benefit from some tax savings!

Attract and Retain top talent

Employees are less likely to leave the organisation when they are happy, and the work culture is focused on people-centric policies. Offering employee health insurance as a benefit shows your employees that you care for them and gives them a positive outlook on your organisation, which in turn, leads to increased productivity

Features of Group Health Insurance

Hospitalization Expenses

In case your employee or their dependent get hospitalized due to an illness or an accident, this benefit will cover their medical expenses including pre and post hospitalization expenses, road ambulance charges, room rent, diagnosis, day care procedures, etc.

COVID-19 Hospitalization

In case your employee or his/her family members get hospitalized due to COVID – 19, their corporate health insurance will cover the cost for such hospitalization as well

Maternity Benefit with New born Baby Cover

This is something many young working professionals worry about! This benefit can be opted to cover for child delivery expenses for your employee or their spouse. It also covers expenses in case of an infertility treatment or medically necessary terminations.

Preventive Care

Organizations can also opt for preventive benefits for their employees. Such benefits could range from OPD consultations, routine health check-ups and mental wellness support. This encourages employees to take better care of themselves proactively.

Comprehensive Coverage

Group health insurance plans can be easily enhanced through additional benefits. You can add benefits such as maternity, pre-existing disease, and accidental cover to the base policy

Other Benefits

Group health insurance plan also includes additional benefits to cover for things such as Alternate Treatment (AYUSH), Organ Donation Expenses, Infertility Treatment and Bariatric Surgeries among others.

Wellness Benefits

At Raghnall, we also offer a plethora of wellness benefits which makes your employee benefit offering even more attractive. This could range anywhere from educating employees on different aspects of health to providing them with doctor consultations or exclusive discounts on medicines, health check-ups, gym memberships, hospital locators, dental consultations and more.

Why buy Group Health Insurance from Raghnall ?

One Point of Contact

No need to coordinate with multiple points of contact and third parties. With Raghnall, you only need to stay in touch with us and no one else.

Prevention and Protection both

At Raghnall, we provide the entire ecosystem of employee benefits in one place. You have access to a range of added benefits e.g., wellness services, expert consultation, health check-ups and many more.

Seamless Claims Experience

We offer and end-to-end claims handling service and ensure timely and hassle-free claims experience for your employees

Who should buy Group Health Insurance ?

Small Companies & Young Start-ups

As a start-up or a small business, if you have a team of 7 or more members, then you could sign up for a group health insurance plan that won’t only protect your employees but, will also help in your tax savings.

Medium Sized Companies & Growing Start-ups

If your small business is growing and thriving, and has between 50 and 1,000 employees, you fall under this category and can easily seek small business group health insurance. This won’t only help in increasing your employees’ happiness and motivation but will also help you retain them for longer.

Large Organizations & Established Start-ups

Being a large and established organization/start-up – employees expect benefits such as a health insurance as part of their package. So, if you have a company that has up to 1000 members or more, you need to provide medical insurance to them and their dependents to make sure they stay healthier and more engaged on the job.

Factors to be considered before purchasing Group Health Insurance for your employees

Quick and effective accessibility

When you get a group health insurance, it’s not only the plan benefits that matter, but also how effective and responsive your insurer is as well. From the initial stage of seeking quotes till the final stages of assistance with claims, you need corporate health plans with providers who are easily accessible.

Claims experience and settlement ratio

Always check the insurer’s claims experience, process and support. Verify the claim settlement ratio. Higher settlement ratios are always better!

Service Benefits

When it comes to health insurance, service matters more than ever. After all, you need an insurer that will deal with healthcare matters with utmost care and sensitivity. Therefore, always evaluate and compare the service of different insurance providers before deciding on their group health insurance plan.

Customizable Plan

Always go for a plan that offers complete and seamless customisation. This will help you manage new/old employees and their dependants easily.

Meaningful Coverages

It is essential in a group health insurance policy to pick coverages that an employee actually finds valuable. Therefore, the kind of benefits provided in a group health insurance plan should be of utmost priority when choosing the best group health insurance plan for your employees. It is also important to add additional features in the policy that complements your group health insurance plan.


At the end of the day, money matters! That’s why, it is crucial to evaluate how much your group health insurance will cost you and if that makes sense with respect to the benefits offered or not. Compare the costs of different group medical insurance plans to see what works best for you. Don’t blindly go for cheaper premiums. The key is to choose corporate medical insurance in India which fall within your budget yet offer comprehensive benefits.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, medical insurance has been made mandatory for employees by the government of India post the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been put in place to ensure that every employee has some form of protection with group health plans.

Covid 19 is covered subject to minimum 24 hr of in-patient hospitalization.

Teams as small as seven can be covered using a group health insurance policy. For example, you can also take a group health insurance policy if you're in a five-member team (and two spouses).

Yes. A group health insurance policy is five to ten times cheaper than an individual policy.

For employers, the premium paid to provide group insurance policy for employees in India can be deemed as a business expense. According to the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, this expense is eligible for tax benefits.

With group health insurance, there’s no one size fits all option - and that’s the best part! You can get group health insurance for start-ups as well as large businesses. You can pick a plan and customize it according to your team and your needs. Insurance for your team is like an investment.

Group health insurance costs can vary based on the number of employees, sum insured, and benefits opted for.

Employer can initiate a request for quotation of the Group Health Insurance policy for their employees at any point of time. The employer has to specify the coverage requirement and a quote shall be given to them.

Group health insurance is categorized in 2 categories:

  • Employer-employee - Employees along with their spouse, children and parents can be covered
  • Non employer-employee – The enrolled members are covered

Yes, you can you have corporate health insurance and individual health insurance at the same time.

Group Health Insurance policy is customized and tailor made and the policies are designed as per the client’s requirements. However, one of its biggest limitations is that, with respect to an employee the cover may not be enough to cover for all healthcare needs as most Group Health Insurance plans are limited and generic in nature.

Group Health Insurance is a collective insurance an organization buys for the benefit of its employees and employee’s dependents. The organization may tailor a plan or select a pre-planned insurance policy from an insurance company.

Individual health insurance is one that an individual purchases for himself or their dependents.

Yes, at the time of renewal of the policy for next tenure.

Usually, the initial waiting period in Group health policies is 30 Days. However, the same can be reduced or waived off as per the organization’s requirement.

Expenses related to the treatment of any illness within 30 days from the first policy commencement date shall be excluded except claims arising due to an accident, provided the same is covered in the policy.

Treatment on trial/experimental basis and any device/instrument/machine contributing/replacing the function of an organ; Holter Monitoring are outside the scope of the policy.

Please refer the Policy Wordings for detailed list of exclusions

The term ‘Pre-existing Disease’ means any condition, ailment or injury or illness or related condition (s) for which the insured had developed signs or symptoms, and/or were diagnosed and/or received medical advice/treatment, within 48 months prior to the first Policy with the company.

Yes, Pre-existing disease is covered under Group Health Insurance policies.

Abortion is covered, subject to prescription from doctor & under a critical condition during pregnancy. Voluntary abortion is not covered under the policy.

Medical tests are not required to avail Group Health Insurance.

On admission to the hospital the insured can avail the cashless facility, where the cost of treatment is paid by the insurance company directly to the network hospital, provided the treatment undergone is in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

The employees can avail the benefit of the coverage for his/her dependants under the Group Health Insurance. Dependants include spouse, children up to 25 years of age and parents up to 80 years of age.