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Cyber Theft Scanner

It is quite common to store your Adhaar or PAN card etc on cloud or in your phone, which makes it vulnerable to Cyber theft and attacks in multiple forms. The worst part is you would realise you have been attacked only after it is done. No signs, no warnings! Scary, right? Relax! Our Cyber Theft Scanner tool enables you to check if your data is breached or stolen.

Get Protected against Financial Losses

In today’s digital era, we can’t live without the internet, be it online working or online shopping, which makes us vulnerable to all sorts of cyber-attacks like card frauds, Adhaar or PAN card stealing, Fast tag fraud etc. These attacks are quite severe in nature and can rob your entire life savings in a single click. Protect your finances with the best Cyber Insurance plan through Raghnall.

Types of Cyber-attacks and Financial Losses

Major coverages under personal cyber insurance

Theft Of Funds

Cyber Insurance covers your money stolen from bank accounts, credit or debit cards, or digital wallets arising from digital frauds such as phishing, spoofing, or unauthorized access of your personal information.

Online Shopping

All the losses arising when you shop online on fraudulent websites by mistake - that display certain products but deliver fake ones - are covered in the policy.


This includes the costs of removing unpleasant or off-putting content posted against you by cyber-bullies, legal costs against the doers, psychological consultation and online reputation restoration costs for you.

Identity Theft

Cyber risk insurance covers your financial losses, credit monitoring costs, and legal costs which arise from stealing and misusing your legal documents like Adhaar or PAN card on the internet by an unknown third party.

Social Media Liability

Cyber Insurance protects you from any third-party claims which arise from any privacy breach or copyright infringement from your social media posts.

Data restoration from malware contamination

Heard of viruses attacking your phone or laptop and rendering it unusable? Cyber Risk Insurance ensures indemnity for recovering any lost data which may have resulted due to malware attacks on your devices.

Cyber Extortion

Cyber Insurance covers your financial losses and legal costs that happen due to online hacking of your devices and systems.

Electronic Devices Protection

Be it your laptop or your mobile, any theft or loss of money occurred due to malware attacks is protected under the digital devices’ protection. The personal data stored on your devices tends to be sensitive in nature, be it your card details, your passwords or even personal information. Cyber Risk insurance covers the cost of removing the malware or replacing the damaged hardware.

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preventive measures to counter cyber attacks

Up-to-date software and systems

It is crucial to keep the software updated at all times, otherwise, it will give the cybercriminals an opportunity to access your devices and corrupt it from within.

Firewall installation

There are several ways of data breaches. Putting your firewall protection over your data can stop any attacks made by any cybercriminal which may pose a threat to you.


It is always recommended to keep different passwords for different logins. This helps in preventing multiple accounts from getting hacked simultaneously.

Frequently asked questions

Cyber insurance provides cover against loss due to cyber frauds. The increased use of the internet among the Indian population has brought an increase in the amount of personal data being generated, transmitted and stored on various devices. With Cyber Risk Insurance, one can protect self and family members against financial risks due to Identity theft, Unauthorized Online Transactions, Cyberbullying, Cyber extortion etc.

Cyber fraud is the crime committed via a computer with the intent to corrupt another individual’s personal and financial information stored online. It generally covers cybercrime activity that takes place over the internet or on email, including crimes like identity theft, phishing, and other hacking activities designed to scam people out of money.

Some of the major types of Cyber Fraud attacks are:

  1. Phishing and spoofing: The use of email and online messaging services to dupe victims into sharing personal data, login credentials, and financial details with the intent of stealing their money.
  2. Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud: Credit card (or debit card) fraud involves the unauthorized use of another’s credit or debit card information for the purpose of purchases or withdrawing funds from it.
  3. Data breach: Stealing confidential, protected, or sensitive data from a secure location and moving it into an untrusted environment. This includes data being stolen from users and organizations.
  4. Denial of service (DoS): Interrupting access of traffic to an online service, system, or network to cause malicious intent.
  5. Malware: The use of malicious software to damage or disable users’ devices or steal personal and sensitive data.
  6. Ransomware: A type of malware that prevents users from accessing critical data and then demanding payment in the promise of restoring access. Ransomware is typically delivered via phishing attacks.
  7. Cyber Bullying: A form of harassment or bullying inflicted through the use of electronic or communication devices such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Any person aged 18 years and above can buy a cyber risk insurance policy. You may also include your underage children as a part of the family cover.

Yes, Individuals above 18 years can buy this policy.

The policy period is 1 year (annual policy)

Cyber Insurance provides a wide array of coverage to cater to all kinds of cyber risks that you may face in the digital world. Some of the major coverages are mentioned below:

  1. Theft of Funds (Financial Fraud)
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Data Restoration / Malware Decontamination
  4. Replacement of Hardware
  5. Cyber Bullying
  6. Cyber Stalking and Loss of Reputation
  7. Cyber Extortion
  8. Online Shopping
  9. Online Sales
  10. Social Media and Media Liability
  11. Network Security Liability
  12. Privacy Breach and Data Breach Liability
  13. Privacy Breach and Data Breach by Third Party
  14. Smart Home Cover
  15. Liability arising due to Underage Dependent Children

You can make your own plan (depending on the insurance company) in the following steps:

  • Choose the covers that you want
  • Choose the Sum Insured that you want
  • Extend the cover to your family if required
  • Your customized cyber plan is ready

The range of Sum Insured available under the policy is from 10k to 5 crores, depending on the insurance company selected by you. However, this is subject to underwriting guidelines. Please get in touch with the insurer for further information

You may opt for Sum Insured on the following basis:

  • Per Section: Provide separate Sum Insured for each selected section, OR
  • Floater: Provide a fixed Sum Insured that will float over the selected sections

No. There are no deductibles under the policy

No. There is no waiting period applicable.

You will be eligible to claim for all the cybercrimes that you have been a victim of, provided that you have selected the relevant covers/sections, subject to the chosen Sum Insured.

Yes. You can extend the cover to a maximum of 4 family members (including the Proposer).

Yes. You may appoint your own lawyer for the legal proceedings, post consultation with the insurer.

There is no restriction on the number of devices that will be covered.

You can prevent cyber-attacks by remembering these 5 quick, easy steps:

  • Always use strong passwords and regularly update passwords
  • Always update the software that you are using
  • Manage your social media privacy settings
  • Ensure your home network is secure
  • Keep up to date on major security breaches

You can purchase this policy from our company website. The purchasing process is completely digital and there is no additional documentation required to purchase this policy.

Yes. You may cancel the policy after taking it. You will be eligible for a refund of premium as per the insurer’s refund guidelines.

Yes, Cyber Insurance covers financial loss incurred due to phishing.

No, no-claim bonus is not applicable to Cyber Insurance Policy.

Cyber insurance policies help cover the financial losses that result from cyber events and incidents. In addition, it also helps with the costs associated with remediation, including payment for legal assistance, investigators, IT experts, and counselling costs.

Some of the major benefits of buying this policy are:

  • Protection against cyber risks.
  • Provision to extend coverage to your family..
  • Takes care of legal costs and expenses incurred in pursuing or defending legal action against/by a third party.
  • Offers peace of mind for your activities conducted online.
  • Reimburses you for the expenses incurred for the services of an IT specialist or to restore data.
  • Covers psychological consultation expenses for traumatic stress.
  • Covers loss of wage resulting from cyber attacks.

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