Our unified approach towards cyber risk


In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to protect your company's assets and customer data from potential cyber threats. That's where we come in. Our platform leverages advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to give you an almost real-time view of your organization's digital vulnerabilities.


Our team of experienced security professionals has the knowledge and expertise to help you identify and prioritize the risks facing your business, and to develop a plan to address them. We offer insurance coverage based on your needs to safeguard your business from costly security breaches.


Digital risk evolves quickly, and businesses need more than insurance to protect themselves. Our platform helps you actively monitor, identify and assess security vulnerabilities across your entire business so you can prevent risks and attacks before they happen.

What’s your vulnerability score?

We offer the most comprehensive Vulnerability Report that analyzes 100+ data elements backed by various credible data providers.

Use our Vulnerability Scanner tool to get access to a FREE REPORT on your company’s risk posture along with recommendations, observations, and a consultation with an industry-certified risk analyst.

Our Business Cyber Shield protects you from:

Corporate cyber insurance typically covers a range of risks associated with internet-based activities and electronic data, such as:

Data Breaches

Coverage for the cost of responding to a data breach, including notification, credit monitoring, and forensic costs.

Business Interruption

Coverage for lost income and extra expenses incurred as a result of a cyber event that disrupts the operations of a business.

Reputational Damage

Coverage for the cost of repairing damage to a company's reputation as a result of a cyber event.

Cyber Extortion

Coverage for the cost of paying a ransom or negotiating with extortionists in the event of a cyber extortion attack.

Cyber Liability

Coverage for the cost of defending against, settling, or paying judgments for third-party claims arising from a cyber event.

Network Security

Coverage for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen electronic data or systems.

How does Business Cyber Shield integrate with Raghnall?

Design and implement controls

Create multiple lines of defense within your organization and ensure that your business has strong mitigating controls

  • Identify control gaps in terms of governance, policies, procedures, and standards and report to the stakeholders
  • Ensure all Information Security, HR, and Operational controls are implemented
  • Continuous risk monitoring across cybersecurity, sanctions, political exposure, adverse media.

Protection designed for the digital world!

Cyberattacks and data breaches can happen to any organization, regardless of its size. Cyber Insurance helps businesses of all sizes protect themselves against the financial consequences of these types of incidents. Protect your business with the broadest coverage in the industry. We offer tailor-made cyber policies customized to your business size and needs.

  • Customized cyber insurance coverage catering to your needs
  • Best price for the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Expert in-house claims team which provides top-tier support

Simplify the compliance process by reducing complexity and uncertainty!

Comply with internationally recognized security standards, frameworks and regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, GDPR etc. as well as India based regulatory bodies like SEBI, RBI, and IRDAI.

  • Get access to 40+ Information Security Policies and Procedures from our library
  • Utilize policy templates and controls within the platform to streamline the process
  • Personnel Compliance – Track policy acknowledgments, mandatory security and privacy awareness training, background checks, performance reviews
  • Audits Management for your internal or external security audits

Ensure critical vulnerabilities are addressed before it's too late!

Our integrated cyber protection services combine technologies, processes, and human expertise which helps you identify and assess security vulnerabilities across your entire business.

  • Monitor your risks continuously
  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Security Controls
  • Application Security Testing – vulnerabilities in source code, OWASP Top 10 reporting on the security level of a web application
  • Infrastructure Security Testing – network devices, servers, and IPs, to uncover vulnerabilities.

What is covered in Corporate Cyber Insurance


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Raghnall’s Business Cyber Shield is a powerful cybersecurity platform that is available for Raghnall’s Corporate clients. This risk management solution offers a combination of cyber insurance and cyber-attack protection services tailored to the specific risks faced by your business. It provides 24/7 monitoring of websites, emails, and endpoints, three key points of vulnerability to cyberattacks. We have also teamed up with cyber security specialists to develop a customized solution for our corporate clients to effectively address their cyber and digital risks.

Vulnerability Scanner is a free tool available to our customers, which offers an in-depth analysis of their cyber risk. The detailed report includes cyber insights, industry data, and security recommendations to help your client make better decisions. Organizations can use this report as guidance and independently review the various details provided in the report to make an informed decision.

A Corporate Cyber Insurance policy ensures that all the confidential data, programs, computers, and networks of an organization are secured from unauthorized access and exploitation. It protects from the risk of financial loss, economic cost, legal consequences, and damage to the reputation of an organization resulting from the failure of its information technology systems.

Cyber Attack is a malicious attempt to get unauthorized access to a computer, computing system, or computer network with the intention to cause harm or damage.

First-party cyber liability insurance covers costs related to a data breach or cyberattack that directly impacts your business. It’s recommended for professionals who collect sensitive information, such as customer credit card information.

Third-party coverage offers liability protection and helps cover the cost of a lawsuit when a client sues your company for failing to prevent a breach or cyberattack at their company.

A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is an attack on a computer network that limits, restricts, or stops authorized users from accessing system resources. DoS attacks work by flooding the target with traffic or sending it data that causes it to crash. It deprives genuine users of the service or resources they expect to receive.

Raghnall is India’s first Insurance Broking and Risk Management firm providing end to end risk management solution offering not only cyber insurance but also helping you grow your security posture and be compliant. Our Vulnerability Scanner tool is an industry-first in the country.

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Use our Vulnerability Scanner tool to get a free report on your company’s risk posture along with recommendations, observations, and a consultation with an industry-certified risk analyst.