Running a business is no child’s play, because despite the alluring promise of profits it also comes with a large number of risks of different kinds. Unforeseen circumstances like thefts, lawsuits, employee illness or death, natural calamities, etc. can force an uninsured business to cease its operations either partially or entirely. Therefore, business insurance is not an option but an absolute must-have for any organisation big or small! Catering to various types of corporate insurance requirements to the T, Raghnall Insurance Brokers are here to deliver the finest insurance and risk management solutions for start-ups, MSMEs, and huge commercial businesses.
While the importance of availing a broker’s services is quite essential to identify all your business risks and get appropriate coverage for the same, it is also crucial to ensure that the broker is a reliable one.
Here are 4 reasons why we, Raghnall, are the best insurance brokers for your company:
1. We keenly study all the ins and outs of your business.
The world of business being extremely diverse, every company has its own distinct features that differentiate it from the rest. The type of business your organisation engages in and the unique environment it operates are some factors which dictate the risks that it is prone to. For example, property damage and resulting liabilities are a common concern for most businesses, whereas for some others it could be product recall, business travel, goods in transit, or anything else. At Raghnall, we take the time to acquaint ourselves thoroughly with your business, assess its potential risks, and structure personalised covers that shield it effectively from those threats.
2. We offer expert risk advisory services to your company.
After a thorough risk assessment, we will have a no holds barred conversation with you pertaining to the areas in which your company is at risk and discuss them in detail. Furthermore, we offer expert recommendations for risk management which can greatly help reduce the chances of a claim. To give you an example - if your commercial property houses expensive machinery which is placed on the floor, we may suggest you move it to some place safer to avoid it from getting damaged in the event of flooding. Our expert risk advisory services will not only go a long way in making your business safer, but also lower your chances of a claim and keep your insurance premium as low as possible as a result!
3. We curate the best corporate insurance policies from the market.
Being a fully independent broker that has emerged as one of the trusted names in the industry, Raghnall sets itself apart by offering customised coverage that fits your business like a glove! We study your requirements in depth and scout exceptional insurance solutions from the market that will best address your needs. We take pride in having a team of astute professionals specialising across different business sectors, who understand your corporate insurance needs with flawless precision and accordingly procure insurance policies from the right source.
4. We go above and beyond conventional approaches.
Be it cyber insurance, group health insurance, D&O insurance or any other type of corporate insurance, we at Raghnall always aim to extend quality services and provide exceptional solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Armed with an optimistic attitude, creative imagination, and openness to follow unconventional approaches, we practise nothing but fair business ethics with transparency and integrity.
The above reasons should suffice to convince you that there cannot be a better insurance broker for you than Raghnall. But if you still aren’t convinced, get in touch with us right away and let us show you how we put our words into action!

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