Employee benefits packages are becoming a key determinant of the success of any organisation, as these desirable perks not only help in boosting employee retention but also in attracting the right talent. Good workplace facilities, paid leaves, and health-related benefits are some of the most sought-after perks according to most office-goers. Of the various advantages that a company can extend to their employees, Group Health Insurance is one of the finest owing to the various unique benefits that it provides. 
Below are the exclusive benefits of a Group Health Insurance policy:
1. There is no waiting period.
While there are multiple advantages to a group health insurance policy, the most important one has to be that it does not come with any pre-set waiting period. And another great thing about this ‘no waiting period’ benefit is that employees can avail of it right from the first day of their employment at the company!
2. No necessity of pre-medical health check-up.
Did you know that a pre-medical health check-up is not obligatory for a corporate group health insurance policy to be underwritten? Yes, this is really true! One of the key advantages of a group health insurance policy is that it comprises coverage for all employees of the company, without the need for a prior medical check-up. It covers all pre-existing illnesses of employees, making them eligible to be insured regardless of whatever health issue they might have been suffering from since before they started working for the organisation. Besides, this coverage can also be extended to additionally include family members of the employees, who can then avail themselves of various healthcare benefits under this type of corporate insurance plan.
3. Provides maternity and post-natal coverage.
Now that it has been already mentioned that a group health insurance policy doesn’t have a waiting period, it should be known that this feature is also applicable to maternity benefits for a company’s female employees as well as the subsequent post-natal benefits for their newborn child. Apart from this, a number of corporate health insurance plans also cover congenital diseases as an additional healthcare benefit.
4. Additional benefits as a part of Employee Benefits Programs
While group health insurance is the brightest jewel in the crown of an Employee Benefits Package, that’s not the only perk that the insured employees can look forward to with a comprehensive plan in place. 360° Employee Benefits Programs go beyond the confines of the usual corporate group health insurance coverage to incorporate various other advantages that take care of the employees’ all-round wellness, such as:
  • Unlimited Tele-Consultations with Doctors for free.
  • Specialist Nutrition Counselling for individualised diet plans.
  • Access to personal therapists and tools for Mental Health Support.
  • Assistance Programs for all-round Stress Management.
  • Dental and Vision Care for managing dental and eye health.
  • Other curated provisions for promoting Holistic Well-Being.
Thus, group health insurance is helpful to employees and also to the employer thanks to all the exclusive benefits it provides. Be it employee retention or tax benefits, such plans offer significant medical coverage for as long as the employee is serving with the company. At Raghnall, the leading insurance broking company in India, you can conveniently explore and purchase the best corporate group health insurance policy and employee benefits package for your business.

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