Organisational culture is the collection of shared values, beliefs, customs, practices, and behaviours that determine the identity of a company. It reflects the values of an organisation and is affected by its leadership, employees, and external factors too. The culture of a company is largely created through a benefits package that adds value to the lives of employees. Generally, employee benefits are indirect compensation provided to employees by companies through programs, policies, or services. The most common types of benefits include group health insurance, paid time off, and flexible working arrangements.


Great culture in an organisation is built piece by piece. This helps employees to express themselves freely, makes them feel motivated, and gives them a sense of belonging, which can lead to the growth of the company. Let’s take a closer look at the essential features of great organisational culture. 

Core Elements or Features of Great Organisational Culture

  • Strong leadership

In spite of the fact that it seems obvious, many organisations fail to give their employees good leadership. The best thing about a good leader is to support others, motivate them, and embody the organisation's core values while remaining approachable. Their overall goal should be to set a good example for employees and to act ethically.

  • United purpose

To create a productive work environment, everyone must be motivated and focused on the same goal. Ultimately, we all want to contribute to something greater than ourselves; we do not want to work on meaningless projects. Along with this, organisations must foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness and establish clear strategies for preventing cyberattacks.

  • Recognition and appreciation

Recognizing and appreciating employees' contributions is essential for an organisation's success. Organisations can reinforce their core values through rewards and recognition programs and create a positive work environment. A recognition and reward program should align with the goals and values of the organisation. 

  • Accountability and adaptability

Companies with great cultures give their employees autonomy and accountability. Providing autonomy and accountability to your team members shows that you value their intelligence and sense of responsibility.

  • Shared values

It is the core values of an organisation that form the foundation of its culture. Employees benefit from shared values by feeling a sense of direction, purpose, and identity. A cohesive workforce and rapid decision making are more likely to be observed in organisations with strong shared values. As part of the company's mission and vision, HR professionals should ensure that employees are involved in developing the core values of the company.


What an Organisation Should Avoid for Positive Organisational  Culture

  • 1) Do not impose values on employees without their input.
  • 2) Don't refuse to accept change or experimentation.
  • 3) Don't avoid employees' feedback.
  • 4) Don't depend purely on monetary rewards to motivate your workforce, rather go for employee benefits plans.
  • 5) Never exclude or discriminate against employees on the basis of their background, race, or gender.

In order for an organisation to succeed, engage employees, and perform well, it must have a strong organisational culture. Apart from this, Raghnall, a trusted and renowned risk advisor and insurance broker in Mumbai offers group health insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, corporate cyber insurance solutions, etc. and even helps in claims assistance.

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