The contemporary world is witnessing a digital revolution, with even remote regions of India now enjoying access to Internet facilities. The usage of the World Wide Web is presently at an all time high, and the number of internet users are soaring at a rapid pace. While this is good news, it is also rather concerning that a majority of this ever-expanding community does not possess digital literacy skills. A huge amount of our data is available online nowadays, which if not protected cautiously can land into the wrong hands and cause tremendous losses. The combined force of cyber insurance and digital literacy is exactly what’s required to prevent this from occurring!
Understanding the Concept of Digital Literacy
To put it simply, digital literacy or cyber literacy is the ability to use computer-related technology effectively. However, it also means being mindful about the consequences that your cyberspace activities may have potentially. You also need to ensure that whichever sources you are accessing to obtain information and perform other usual tasks online are reliable and trustworthy! Just like financial literacy is imperative to make wise decisions with regards to your savings, purchases or spending, cyber literacy is equally crucial for you to understand the possible implications of your actions in the online world.
A few of the benefits that cyber literate individuals can experience:
Safeguarding personal information.
Finding credible data for different purposes in a quick manner.
Avoiding preventable cyber attacks such as phishing and other scams.
Knowing how to incorporate the latest cybersecurity-strengthening tools, like multi-factor authentication.
Understanding the necessity of individual cyber insurance coverage for personal online safety and that of corporate cyber insurance in case of businesses.
The Role of Digital Literacy in Amplifying Cybersecurity Awareness
Digital literacy can help you become increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity in more ways than one, which are as under:
Knowing you are vulnerable to cyber risks even without a computer or smartphone
It isn’t just usage of smartphones or computers that puts you at risk for cyber attacks. You can still lose your debit or credit card information, bank details, or even be the victim of identity theft via offline scams. Being digitally literate can aid you in being more cautious of protecting your data both online and offline.
Taking the necessary steps to enhance your cybersecurity
The internet is continuously evolving, and cyber criminals are always searching for new vulnerabilities in systems which they can exploit for their ulterior motives. Therefore, cyber literate folks know how vital it is to keep their systems up-to-date, since these regular updates come with security patches. Other than that, they also know that anti-virus softwares alone cannot protect one from cyber risks; they also buy cyber insurance to protect themselves from the financial losses resulting from an unavoidable cyber attack.
Knowing that cyber attacks can bring daily lives to a standstill
There are certain real-life incidents which prove how cyber attacks can hamper the workings of the physical world. For example, when a leading US-based fuel pipeline operator came under a cyber attack a couple of months ago, it had affected fuel supply to the country’s entire East Coast and thus impacted people’s everyday lives. Cyber literacy along with a good business insurance policy for cybersecurity coverage can offer protection against such situations.
Why Does Cyber Insurance Matter In Spite of Digital Literacy?
Unfortunately, hackers are too smart and are always at the top of their game. This implies that no matter how digitally literate you are or how many fundamental cybersecurity measures you adopt, these cyber fraudsters can still manage to invade your systems. Most of us use social media, store our data on clouds, and have an active internet presence in general - which can make anyone a target of cyber attacks. A cyber insurance policy may not be able to ward off these attacks, but it can adequately cover the losses one may suffer due to such an event. These attacks can cause an intense disruption in the corporate world as well, but then again, insurance is the ultimate way to make sure your business operations don’t halt because of them!
As a prominent insurance agency, Raghnall brings to you both personal and corporate cyber insurance policies from the best insurers in India. So whether you are seeking coverage for yourself and your loved ones or for your business, our experts will have the finest solutions to tackle all your concerns. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information!

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